Six Potential Locations for Your New Boiler

Replacing a boiler can be a big job, but it can also be an opportunity to put the boiler in a new position where it can function better. Here are some ideas for new places to put a boiler.

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Utility Rooms

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The bathroom can be an excellent location for a boiler, as not only do you have easy access to pipes, but the boiler will also be located in one of the places where the most hot water is used. This could be good news when having a hot shower. The laundry is another option for locating a boiler when pipes are present and having hot water close by can be a bonus.

Another great location with terrific pipe access is the kitchen. This is a functional space where the boiler will be handy. This could be a good opportunity to make a few other kitchen improvements. For more ideas on renovating kitchens, see this report from The Guardian.

Saving Space

If you are lucky enough to have a loft, then this could be a great spot for a boiler, as it will be out of the way. However, the loft will need to be big enough and have boards so engineers can install and maintain it.

A boiler can always go in a bedroom too. Placing it in a wardrobe next to an external wall is a solution that can work in a home that is short of space. The garage also offers opportunities for locating a boiler. The garage will need to have adequate insulation and be easily accessible for engineers, but otherwise it could be perfect – out of the way but still close. Boiler installation companies will also have ideas. If you want to find out more options for boilers Gloucester, then it would be a good idea to contact a reputable local firm such as, where you can get advice on everything to do with boilers Gloucester.

Getting a new boiler is an opportunity to make your home work more efficiently. Size up your options, and perhaps ask the experts for their views, as they may ideas that you haven’t thought of. Relocating the boiler could free up space in your home and give this vital piece of equipment a spot where it can work more effectively than it did before.