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Who is Dr. Moshe Kantor?

The things that motivate us from within can make us soar to heights of life that are unimaginable. Our inner drive can be a source of our fear, anger or courage in depending on how well we are prepared to face our daily life challenges. Most of the times, when people are driven by fear and anger, they opt for the choice of taking the backseat and watch from the stands as things go wrong.

But are there individuals who in such adversities faced the issues head-on and conquered the odds? The answer to that question is in the affirmative and Dr. Moshe Kantor is one such person whose life we need to discuss briefly. We need to examine the struggles he underwent to become the person he is today. We also need to look at the positives that resulted out of his struggles.

Dr. Kantor was born at a critical time in the history of the world where the vestiges of world war II were still a commonplace. The sting of the cold war was also being felt at that time. Most of the world population in those days would forlornly stare at the amount of destruction that was meted on their counterparts at the East and resign into a desperation that is beyond the words of any writer. Dr. Kantor, however, chose to be different and he thus rose from those hopeless ash piles and steered himself on. Today, we celebrate him for his incessant struggle during such adverse moments.

The other adversity in those days was the Jewish restructuring. Having been hit worst by the consequences of the world war, the Jewish people had nothing to encourage them in such desperate times. Dr.Kantor learned from that and has been a voice to reckon with in the lobbying for the recognition of the Jewish people all over the world. This resulted into the world acknowledging him as a voice for the discriminated people of the world.

The strong stand that Dr. Kantor has taken against vices brought about by terrorism and use of deadly weapons is also another area that we need to recognize him for. This has proved to the entire world that Dr. Kantor esteems the sanctity of life and he thus holds the life of any human being as close to his heart as that of his own family.

Violence and the use of nuclear weapons obliterate both humans and property and ought to be condemned by all the well-meaning people in the society. We also should not anticipate the long-term effects of such inhumane acts since they degrade the human lives and destroy the very creation that man has been mandated to take care of. All these are some of the life lessons that we should glean from the life of Dr. Kantor.

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