Benefits of Aloe Vera for Health, Beauty, and Hair

Aloe vera has long been known as a nutritious medicinal plant. Although commonly planted in pots as an ornamental plant, but aloe vera is often used for beauty care materials, from starting to nourish hair to eliminate acne.

Aloe vera contains a wide variety of biologically active compounds, such as mannans acetate, polymannans, anthraquinones, various lectins and saponins and anthraquinone compounds. The anthraquinone compounds found in aloe vera are substances that can ward off bacteria.

Aloe vera deserves to be called as an herbal plant because it contains about 75 types of substances that are useful and approximately 200 other highly nutritious compounds.

The following are variety of aloe vera function:


The Benefits of Aloe Vera for Beauty

  1. Eliminating Acne

The trick is very simple and can be done at home without having to go out of the house. Just take aloe vera, then split, then take the sap or mucus contained therein. Apply on the affected face of acne once in a day more or less for 10-15 minutes then rinse with warm water.

  1. Eliminate Black Spots

For those of you who have black spots on the face because of the influence of cosmetics or acne scars is a method of forgiveness to eliminate it in a natural way. The trick: after cleansing, take the tongue jelly, then clean from the mucus-mucus and prepare to face every morning also at night. Leave on for 30 minutes. After that clean it with clean water then dry. Perform at least 2x a day in a row. Guaranteed, your face will be smooth and free of black flex-flex.It takes a long time, but if done regularly, the result will be maximized.

  1. Eyelash Health

For those of you who are diligent in using mascara, will certainly have an effect on the health of your eyelashes. Among them: eyelashes dry and quickly fall out. But you do not worry because there is a special recipe that is useful jelly aloe vera that can strengthen the roots of eyelashes and nourish your eyelashes and your eyelashes will be bushy. How: everyone will sleep, or when you relax, wash your eyelashes to be free of chemicals such as mascara. Then take aloe vera jelly, and apply it gently and slowly on your lashes. Leave for 30 minutes then wash with plain water until clean. When regularly use it, guaranteed your eyelashes will be strong, not easily fall out and thick.

  1. Bury Eyebrows

Aloe vera jelly can also be used to thicken your eyebrows. The way each sleep is eyed into your eyebrows, then the next day washed clean. The more you diligently do it, then the result will be maximized.

  1. Hair Care

In terms of hair care has been done, the use of aloe vera can accelerate hair growth, reduce the appearance of dandruff, and can also replace the function of conditioner in softening the hair. Take 2 washcloths that have been washed, then rub the contents on the scalp that has been washed (do in the afternoon). Then dress the hair with a cloth and rinse the next day, try to do this treatment every day to get maximum results.

  1. Skin care

No matter what type of skin you have, aloe vera is said to be suitable for all skin types because it provides oxygen supply to cells that can generate strength and nourish the skin. Take a piece of aloe vera and set aside the gel part only. Remember, this does not include the sticky liquid that sticks to the skin. Destroy this gel and apply it before you sleep. In addition to the missing acne, the skin will also become soft, shine and say goodbye on the wrinkled skin.

  1. Shave Gel

If you want to shave comfortably and safely, you do not have to use shaving cream. Simply applying gel found on aloe vera then you will make it easier for you to shave feathers and prevent irritation. Aloe vera will keep skin cool and comfortable without feeling sore.

  1. Makeup cleanser

You may try this aloe vera gel to clean your makeup. Instantly take the natural gel, then it will clean the makeup gently without leaving any irritation.

  1. Moisturize

No need to be confused to find a natural moisturizer and safe for sensitive skin. You simply look for a made of aloe vera so that the skin becomes cool. It is also safe for sensitive skin, acne-prone skin. Even aloe vera will help cure acne and acne scars.

The Benefits of Aloe Vera for Health

  1. Overcoming Diabetes

Aloe vera consumption in a certain way will help you in lowering blood sugar levels for you who suffer from diabetes. How to boil aloe vera that has been thrown with 3 glasses of water and leaves the half boiled water. This herb can be consumed three times per day each half a glass.

  1. Treat wounds

In dealing with minor injuries, aloe vera has many functions. You can use it to treat burns, relieve sunburn, reduce bruising, bruising, and reduce frostbite cell damage.

  1. Treating Hemorrhoids

Prepare half of aloe vera with two spoons of honey and half a cup of boiled water. How to make it easy enough that the aloe vera scar, then added honey and half a cup of boiled water on the grater earlier. Stir until well this mixture and strain then. Drink this herb three times a day.

  1. Smooth digestion

A healthy digestion is a key to a healthy body because poor digestion can lead to various diseases. Well, aloe vera has been known for a long time as a medicinal plant that helps digestion and keeps digestion to stay healthy.

  1. Remove toxins from the body

Just like seaweed, aloe vera is a plant containing gelatin. Gelatin serves to absorb toxins that are in the intestine and remove it along with dirt. This detoxification process is clearly very beneficial for your body.

Given the many benefits of aloe vera, it’s good if you start planting aloe vera in pots and yard.